Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

Regular price R 4,999.00

Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

Regular price R 4,999.00

Our premium Floodlight Cam is hardwired for reliable protection, and includes advanced motion settings to let you know where visitors are on your property. Featuring 1080p Video with HDR, powerful LED beams and a security siren, you’ll see what’s happening more clearly, day or night, and have extra peace of mind when you need it. 3D Motion Detection and Bird's Eye View allow you to pinpoint when and where a motion event begins with an aerial map view.

  • Includes a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect.1
  • Requires existing wiring for power supply. Professional installation recommended

Two-Way Talk with Audio+

Security siren and LED floodlights

3D Motion Detection with Bird's Eye View

1080p Video with HDR and Colour Night Vision

Motion Notifications

Works with Alexa

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Marlin-Floodlight Cam

Premium features,
perpetual protection.

Hardwired for reliable performance day or night. Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is a brighter, clearer solution for security around your home.

Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

Control when you need it.

Shine a light on your outdoor security with built-in floodlights and sound the siren when you need to, all from the Ring app.

Outdoor security with an extra dimension.

Pinpoint when and where a motion event begins with 3D Motion Detection and Bird's Eye View.

Accurate Motion Detection, even at a distance
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Add distance, speed, size and trajectory perception to detect visitors more accurately, giving you motion alerts with extra precision.

Bird’s Eye View
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Bird’s Eye View provides an aerial map view of your property showing you the historical context of the motion event.

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All weather Motion Detection
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In good weather or bad, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro helps you see what’s happening outside your home and lets you know when someone visits your property for everyday peace of mind.

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Video Doorbell Pro 2 Wired doorbell camera


Complete control from the Ring app.


Real-Time Notifications

Real-Time Notifications

Receive real-time notifications on your phone or tablet whenever motion is detected.

Live View

Live View

See what's happening in real-time with Live View and know where and when a visitor stepped onto your property in an aerial map view with Bird's Eye View.

Connected Devices

Connected Devices

Connect your devices in the Ring app to protect your whole-home better, together.

Security & Privacy Control

Security & Privacy Control

Visit the Control Centre in the Ring app to view, manage and control your privacy and security from one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Never miss a thing.

Get even more out of your Ring devices with Ring Protect for as low as $4.99 a month per device. Try it free for the first 30 days.1

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Record and Capture
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Record your videos and capture photos to review, save and share the moments you missed at any time.

People Only Mode
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With People Only Mode enabled, your device will only send notifications when it spots a person.

Rich Notifications
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See exactly what triggered an alert with a photo preview right in the notification without opening the Ring App.

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Flexible Options
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Choose a plan that works for you. Cover one device for $4.99/month or your entire home for $10/month.

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Extended Warranty
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Choose a Ring Protect Plus subscription to extend the warranty on all your currently covered devices at home.2

Ring Protect

Build a smarter home.

Connect your Ring Security Cameras to compatible devices and Alexa to start protecting your whole home.

Connect your Ring of Security.

Link your Security Cameras and all your Ring devices in the Ring app to make your security work better together, and control them all from your phone or tablet.

Protection at the touch of a button.

Arm and disarm your Ring Video Doorbells, Security Cameras and Alarm using the Modes feature, which lets you turn your smart security devices on and off with a single tap.

“Alexa, show me my back garden.”

Enjoy hands-free convenience with select Alexa-enabled devices. Hear custom notifications and use Two-Way Talk with Echo Dot, launch video with Echo Show and more.

Tech Specs

Size and Colour Arrow Icon
Dimension (H x W x D)

21.7 cm x 32.6 cm x 20.2 cm

Base/Mounting Bracket

12cm diameter

Available Colours

White, Black

Features Arrow Icon

1080p HD, HDR, Live View, Colour Night Vision, Advanced Pre-roll 3

Motion Detection

3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View

Field of View

140° horizontal, 80° vertical


Two-Way Talk with Audio+


Remote-activated 110dB siren at 10cm distance


Two LED Floodlights, 2000 Lumens (combined) with adjustable brightness
Colour Temperature: 3000°K

Camera Lens

Adjustable mount with 140° field-of-view


Smart zoom with panning

Power and Connectivity Arrow Icon

Hardwired (100-240 VAC)

Internet Requirements

Recommended minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps per device.


802.11 b/g/n/ac wifi connection @2.4GHz & 5.0GHz (Channels 100 and above). For further information, visit Ring Help Centre.

Installation Arrow Icon
Operating Conditions

- 20.5°C to 48°C, Weather Resistant

Setup Requirement

AC Power (100-240 VAC) Wiring at setup location
Professional installation recommended 4

Floodlight Fixture

Integrated and Adjustable Floodlight. Floodlight Camera can be mounted on a Wall or Ceiling.

General Arrow Icon
Box Includes

Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
Mounting bracket
Installation tools and screws
Quick Start Guide
Security sticker


One-year limited warranty. If you are a consumer, the limited warranty is in addition to your consumer rights, and does not jeopardise these rights in any way. This means you may still have additional rights at law even after the limited warranty has expired. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Floodlight Cam and Floodlight Cam Wired Pro? Arrow Icon

Both devices feature Live View, Two-Way Talk, Advanced Motion Detection, Customisable Motion and Privacy Zones, and an easy to use app. Floodlight Cam Wired Pro builds upon all these great features with a new design and advanced features including radar-powered 3D Motion Detection, Bird’s Eye View, adjustable lights, a controllable 110db siren, Two-Way Talk with noise reduction, dual-band wifi, and an array microphone that limits sound distortion.

Is the camera weather-resistant? Arrow Icon

Yes, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is weather-resistant and can be installed outside.

What privacy features are included with Floodlight Cam Wired Pro? Arrow Icon

Floodlight Cam Wired Pro allows you to configure your privacy settings to suit your particular needs. Create Privacy Zones that block out areas that you don't want to see, allowing you to focus on the areas that matter most. Toggle Motion Detection, Motion Notifications, or Audio Recording on/off in the Ring App whenever you need to. Create a Motion Schedule to enable Motion Notifications and recording during the times you're usually away. Use Modes to select a camera state with Disarmed, Home or Away Mode.

What is 3D Motion Detection? Arrow Icon

3D Motion Detection uses radar technology to identify where and when a motion event will be recorded. The radar sensor measures distance and angle of objects in front of the camera, allowing for more specific motion detection alerts. Within the Ring app, users easily customise where on their property they want the camera to start recording when an object crosses a threshold. And, once 3D Motion Detection is set up, it powers Bird’s Eye View which lets you see exactly where visitors went on your property.

Does Floodlight Cam Wired Pro save my videos and photos so I can view them later? Arrow Icon

If you have a subscription to Ring Protect, videos captured by your Floodlight Cam Wired Pro will be saved to your Ring account for up to 30 days, so you can review them at any time.

Go here to learn more about Ring Protect.

Photos captured will be saved to your Ring account for up to 7 days. All Ring Security Cams come with a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect.1 During or after a trial, you can choose to purchase a Ring Protect Plan to save your videos and photos.

Can I share my videos and photos with people? Arrow Icon

If you have a subscription to Ring Protect, you can choose share your videos and photos with anyone, including neighbours, friends, family and local police. Every Security Cam comes with a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect.1 You can choose to subscribe to Ring Protect at any time to save, review and share all videos and photos captured by your Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, and you won’t be charged until the end of your free trial.

Go here to learn more about Ring Protect.

What’s Ring Protect? Arrow Icon

Ring Protect is a comprehensive service that activates video recording and photo capture, saving and sharing for your Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, plus a few extra perks. There are two tiers of Ring Protect: Basic and Plus.

Ring Protect Basic activates video recording and photo capture and sharing for individual Ring Doorbells and Cameras. It saves all your videos to your Ring account for up to 30 days and photos for up to 7 days, so you can review what you missed and share what’s important. Ring Protect Basic subscriptions start at only £2.50 a month and only covers one device.

Ring Protect Plus adds even more to your home security. It includes video recording, photo capture and sharing for unlimited Ring Doorbells and Cameras at your home. It also comes with 24/7 Assisted Monitoring, an optional feature of Ring Alarm that notifies your emergency contacts via an automated call when your alarm is activated, and that includes cellular backup.

Ring Protect Plus subscriptions start at only £8.00 a month per home.

Go here to learn more about Ring Protect.

Do I need Ring Protect to use Floodlight Cam Wired Pro? Arrow Icon

No. You can still use Floodlight Cam Wired Pro to watch over your home from anywhere, even without a subscription to Ring Protect. Without Ring Protect, you’ll still receive real-time notifications when motion is detected, and you can answer the notification to see, hear and speak to people on camera in real time from your mobile device.

However, without a subscription to Ring Protect, you won’t be able to review any videos that you missed in real time, and you won’t be able to save your videos or share them with anyone. Photos will not be captured. Tap here to learn more about Ring Protect and to choose a plan that works for you.

1 Free trial is not applicable for locations with an existing Ring Protect Subscription

2 Terms and limitations apply. See Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

3 Feature available with a Ring Protect Plan.

4 The installation must be done according to local electrical regulations.