Alarm Keypad

Regular price R 999.00

Alarm Keypad

Alarm Keypad

Regular price R 999.00

Indoor control panel that lets you arm and disarm your Ring Alarm system.

Keypad Control Panel for Ring Alarm

The Alarm Keypad lets you easily arm and disarm your Alarm system. Choose “Armed Away” to activate your entire system before walking out the door. Or choose “Armed Home” to protect your property while your family is home.

  • Requires the Ring Alarm Base Station

  • 30-second grace periods

  • Easy installation

Tech Specs

Power: AC Adapter

Battery: Rechargeable Battery Included

Dimensions: 5.87 in. x 3.94 in. x 0.91 in. (14.9 cm. x 12.9 cm. x 7.5 cm.)

Installation: Mounts to Walls, Tabletops and Countertops